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Our core Values


It is very important and I think that we should never compromise with chocolate. Chocolate is beauty mixed with purity and passion. Every piece of chocolate is a little piece of art. Every piece is customization with a personal touch, transforming a simple act of giving into an incredible experience.


I believe that the presentation must reflect the same degree of care and quality as my chocolate. I develop each gift box with recyclable materials. These boxes represent an example of chic, precious and simple box of chocolate, with luxury taste and not with luxury box. I create products that standout and thrill.


We do not compromise with chocolate and use exclusively pure and single-origin cocoa in our couvertures, never blended cocoa couvertures, which result in average, everyday flavors. In my products I use organic chocolate sourcing and organic cocoa beans, fair trade chocolate. I making chocolate that meet special need, such as organic, fair trade, sustainable and functional (low or no sugar, 100% pure cocoa butter, ingredient-enhanced, raw, gluten-free, vegan). If you want to read and learn more about organic chocolate and organic cocoa market please find more information here.

Perfect Balance

In Europe one of the major importers of organic cacao is Barry Callebaut. This has a history of more than 150 years in the world of cocoa and chocolate. It’s represent a production of high quality chocolate. I choose natural colors. They keep me in touch with nature, a challenging but sustainable choice, the colors more subtle and complex than the synthetic palette, possessing innate harmony. Freshness and flavor is what makes our chocolates stand out. That is why all of our products are handmade in small batches with attention and care given to each ingredient. Our ganaches are infused with natural, fresh and dried ingredients. No artificial flavors or preservatives are used. We use classic techniques and craft each chocolate by hand to create a perfect balance of flavor, texture and simple beauty.


Stanimira Chocolate House specializes in high-quality artisan chocolates made with care and fine fresh ingredients, to ensure a delicious flavor with every piece. Chocolate is a little miracle wrapped in a package. All Stanimira Chocolate House activities support social projects.

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